Woo-Round Up 2015

WooWatch: AromaTherapy

Smell is one of the most powerful senses and we rely on it a greater deal more than most people realize. The Blind rely on sound, the Deaf rely on Sight – smell is connected with taste, with communication at … Continue reading


Wooo Hoax Fraud

Fraud and Deception – Woo immediate financial gain, or continued – see also “complimentary” and other alternatives to medicine. Crank with Axe to Grind – Hoax From Pranksters like the infamous Big Footage To the Piltdown Hoaxer   How to … Continue reading


WooWatch: Wayne Dwyer has Died

Wayne Dyer, who wrote more than 40 books and 20 New York Times bestsellers on topics like psychological self-improvement and spirituality, has died in his mid-70s. Sadly, he leaves behind no gaping hole in books, there are many more blanditry … Continue reading


Life Lessons From Folk Tales

Chicken Little thought the sky was falling and the anecdotal evidence convinced most … The boy who cried Wolf, was eaten; hoisted by his own petard and poor child labour laws. When Leaders realize their paranoia about their advisers is … Continue reading

Fables of Aesop The Only Monogamous Book

Stranger Danger

I agree with this episode of Penn and Teller’s Bullshit. children are in the greatest danger from family members and family friends. that said, the smaller set of children taken, raped and murdered by strangers shouldn’t be under or over … Continue reading

MythologyXena life lessons

Social Control through Fear Mongering vs Marketing

word of mouth, stories and anecdotes, hearsay heresy


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