The John Templeton Foundation

religion is a pyramid scheme

The amount of money that has been spent by religious organizations that are not actual churches, but think tanks/social policy groups, and most insidious – The John Templeton Foundation.

The Templeton Foundation is a money store for research that appears scientific but is actually favouring, rationalizing and promoting religion and preferable the Christian flavour.

This is paying for conclusions before studies or field work is done.

Now the easy way to not allow these groups to not influence science and research is to not accept their money.

Leave them fund their godbottery publications and preach to their converted, and make products for their apologetics people.

Unfortunately they also lobby politicians, offering instacrowds at events and voter blocks.

they will also waste school budgets trying to put religious magic into science classes, bizarrely obsessed with biology when it’s anthropology that demonstrates all religions have ever been was a power social structure to avoid actual manual labour, while playing at elite being able to read and write and understand basic math numbers.

Nina Tryggvason anthropology quote

Deconverting Christians 201

There are 2 documentaries that should greatly disturb everyone about religion, but Christianity in particular. From the 1960s, Salesman – a group of men work a sales territory to sell Bibles and the revealed sales pitches and pressure tactics is … Continue reading

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