Canadians and Niceness

Canadians are polite and civil as a generality, because rights are what you extend to others into the public square.

Other people get to exist and they are entitled to co-exist with us, so as we want for ourselves, so too do we wish for our neighbour.

So too as we don’t want our neighbour to make our life choices, we allow them their own.

Canadians have a sense of the private sphere and the public sphere; and it’s only gossip if .. when… it jumps that divide.

what’s that old poem: don’t make love by the garden gate, for love is blind but the neighbours ain’t

Nina and Canadian War on Queers

Not only not wanting to be the talk of the Monday Morning washline over the back yard fences: No one wants to live in a neighbourhood requiring armed security, fearful of stray bullets or home invasions.

Or being shot while you go about your daily business, especially by police who are there to keep the civil order not disrupt it to where citizens have to take to the street to demand order of law be restored by the higher powers that be about the beat cops.


Frankly the effort to be in people’s faces must be exhausting, and given the futility, I have to wonder how so many people do it.

No one likes to see groups of people targeted and part of this is out of a sense of fairness and partly, sheer embarrassment for the country having made a fuss over discrimination, most recently: marriage equality.

Prior to the law change the public tipping approval point was attained 40% in favour with 20% in the middle and 40% against. Within a year of marriage being made equal, and the half hearted conservative party’s attempt to overturn it – it was a 60% approval.

Seeing the Canadian commentary on social media in the wake 0f America’s making marriage equal federally  was encouraging in that it was heterosexuals assuring their American counterparts that life continues unimpeded.

That there are gays and lesbians and bisexuals and transgendered people poses no impediment on heterosexual society.

People who are going to couple up are going to do so, and having had to get rights one at a time – labour rights, housing rights, all the rights that people have just for living here, born or landed migrants to citizens – the people do not wait for The Government to get Church approval to live their lives.


rights there are enough for everyone and they only get better the more people that have them.

rights are not what you take, they are what you offer, and that is Canada, eh.

invisibilty visibility

being bothered by that other people exist is a mental health condition that is caused by religion. which government uses to wage wars for resources under a pretense of morality for corporate citizens lacking ethical regulations. power to the people? workers and consumers are numbers for bonus points.


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