The Long Arm of Law: Copyright

ReligionWatch: Torrenting – Pirates Ahoy

Piracy: Not Even God Himself Can Stop It – TorrentFreak Jul 14, 2013 – In the West these religious ‘laws’ are often in harmony with the rules of land …. 2015 Edition · Top 10 Most Popular Torrent Sites … Continue reading


a New Zealand court has ruled that extraditing their citizens to the USA is possible.

The men operated Megaupload – a file sharing service, which had a legitimate use, but was mostly used to pirate and copy content that falls under copyright.

This follows on Canada having extradicted Marc Emery, the Prince of Pot for selling seeds in Canada with an online store.

So is the world willing to say that cyberspace is American space?

before the mechanised age, singers and actors performed for an audience, the experience was what it was.

Then, the idea of recording and filming and now – there was a take home version! well, go to theaters to watch or at home on tv and record player.

From having to listen to song in the set order to creating playlists….

owned or accessed, eh

Copyright protects the distributor not the creator.

CBC story

Remember when the FBI put up a page where you could enter your name and see if there was a warrant for you? I mean talk about lazy to download the typing from their clerical staff…

FBIas Anti-Piracy Warning Seal-300 Google-Battling-Copyright-Infringement2

Copyright and Trademark are Meaningless Words

Starbuck was a character from the Moby Dick novel. Starbuck was a character on Battlestar Galactica. Starbucks is a Coffee Shop. Barbie Girls enjoy BBQ, n’est pa? (don’t they – I learned enough spanish to mess up french and enough … Continue reading



IT has finally happened: In his ruling King went into great detail about the history of Happy Birthday To You, and its derivation from Good Morning to All. That song was written by sisters Mildred Hill and Patty Hill sometime … Continue reading


Writer Chat 146: Copyright Law

I had shared this article on facebook, No books for you: U.S. starves public domain for another year   and my Writer’s Building pal Dianne Cameron shared it with this comment:   “So why has the public domain dried up … Continue reading


Dear Taylor Swift No words for you

Taylor Swift makes ‘Swiftmas’ trademark bid Earlier this year Swift applied to trademark some of her song lyrics such as “this sick beat”. The pop star submitted her requests to the US Patent and Trademark Office on 3 December. In … Continue reading




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