No more Whales in captivity

Unna, an 18 year old orca (killer whale) has died at Seaworld.

Vancouver BC, 1964 – Moby Doll was the first one caught and we learned that they are playful and their doom was sealed for mass entertainments.

These complete Bjossa @ the Vancouver Aquarium was video taped by me in the late 1990s, before she was shipped to Seaworld where she died. Canadian shows are less showy than American ones, but there is no better ethics behind captivity, prison for being interesting.

Aquariums cannot provide a large enough environment.

Whales are intelligent and have very wide ranges through the world’s oceans and deserve more than a bathtub of conditioned water.

Orcas and Belugas and Dolphins, Sea Lions… prime individuals of species removed from the wild populations, causing unnatural selection.



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