State vs Church: Sanctuary

From a Sacred Site to a site of safety – the idea of Holy Ground being neutral or common ground or safety from Evildoers outside (usually members of said church, otherwise no real reason to respect it, eh).

One of the myths of sacred symbols or locations being protective, for example, being able to ward off vampires with crosses and making Doorways/Thresholds magical not just merely a structural feature and support archways.

That was Medieval and This is now.

In Canada, Christians churches have continued this tradition and it is being adopted by other religions with respect to refugee claimants.

Now- this is different from the church groups currently sponsoring refugees.

This is churches who are taking someone in who has failed their government case and were determined to not qualify for admittance.

Rather than leaving Canada, they are taken in by churches and live on the church property. This is the church interfering in the state – desperately seeking relevance in a media age and doing civil disobedience of the law. So much for blind authority worship, eh?


Charity Status in Canada is partly dependent on not being a political lobby – yet churches and temples dictate to people how to vote – generally favoring conservative voters.

that is lobbying from the pulpit.

that is attempting to get their religion members elected in order to put religious law over secular law of the land.

It is time for Churches to pay taxes on property and income and pay the same user fees as everyone else for the infrastructure.

Churches are not for the public, they are cherrying picking the public and that being the case, have no basis for the free ride they have been given.

The Crown governs the life within the land and Religions are a members afterlife private members club.

Freedom from Religion: Tax the Religions.

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