Music is not a physical product

The Beatles are going to allow their catalog to be streamed.

Meanwhile, Garth Brooks, Taylor Swift and with her new album “25” Adele are hold outs (Adele’s 19 and 21 are streamable)

This is somehow a mark of musicianship, keeping music away from consumers

Elvis Presley meanwhile is released on very new format as a consumer test of the new medium.

Artists should be concerned about industry accounting of sales.

Music Labels are struggling under a last century business supply and demand model, whereas in the modern era, music is something background, an accessory more than a necessity.

Music, tv, movies, video games are not consumed at a single time, people multitask their leisure or their leisure includes more than sitting and passively observing.

Memories form from things we do and learn, not merely view. Long term strong memories, although music from youth tends to help dementia patients

Artists should be concerned about charts too, because their labels are distorting their relative value by not counting Elvis’s 1950s domination and making current artists appear more significant than they are.

Garth Brooks remains a country artist and his sales reflect the country spillover into mainstream, but his attempt at rock as Chris Gains was a career setback failure.

Elvis meanwhile is in the Country, RocknRoll, Gospel, Rockabilly halls of fame because he sang every genre of music around in his lifetime and he forshadowed MTV unplugged, Medley/Mashups – he began with a three then four man band and he ended with Orchestral Backing on stage.

so popular now is great, popular when you’ve been dead longer than you were alive is a music event artist.

Adele Says Streaming ‘A Bit Disposable’: ‘Music Should Be An Event’


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