Holy Hills and Evil Empires

In England at Stonehenge neo-pagans are getting ready to party on the solstice and leave a debris field around the stone circles, which is basically why they were built – revelry


then, at the holiest of hills, the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Isreal

Israel minister Shalom resigns over harassment allegations

Ahh.. well I can’t find the article that I pulled this text From the BBC:

Benjamin Netanyahu’s move to try and calm the situation puts the Israeli leader on a collision course with hard-liners within his own governing coalition. They have been putting intense pressure on Netanyahu to respond to the surge in violence with a tough crackdown and increased settlement activity.

But Netanyahu is also wary of angering the American administration and risking another full-fledged uprising with too tough a response that could lead to a higher number of casualties on both sides.

The Jerusalem hilltop compound lies at the heart of recent tensions. It’s revered by Muslims as the spot where Prophet Muhammad ascended to heaven and by Jews as the site of the two Jewish biblical Temples.


This is why it is difficult for the left in Israel to gain traction, their right wing is supported externally by America’s right wing…

Maybe no one should get to have that land for a 100 years and see if they can share or move onto other things. it is not any older or more special than any other land or dirt, it’s all the same age, and what any given spot looks like is merely the reflection of all the forces put upon it, from below and above

many of the special hills that exist were built by the humans who wanted there to be a hill on the spot, not because of natural geological forces.

we gather where the view is pretty, where it takes a journey to get to, because we have a earn it punishing mentality, rather than realize what a surplus there is and thus, no need for the poverty that sends people to these place of begging and offerings.


meanwhile in Germany


German Church puts bums in seats with Star Wars edition, explains the concept of symbolism and misses it entirely as they pass the collection plates.


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