Say what no one else is thinking

I have seen an article about yet another show set in the past in order to be nostalgic about bigotry as if the better fashion sense was any compensation.

Of particular interest to me is this 1970s Archie Bunker Syndrome: Archie was never shown to be correct, that’s why the show was subversive.

Archie was the last husband to call his wife dingbat and make spousal abuse funny or normalized. Ricky beat Lucy, but Ralph was more scared of Alice and Archie was calling his wife Edith dingbat while on Happy Days, Mrs Cunningham was the last of The 50s wives who vacuumed in pearls. Say Goodnight Gracie, Goodnight Gracie, eh, indeed.

“Just saying what everyone is thinking”

That rather assumes that everyone is the same kind of asshole as you are, and I do not appreciate being thought of as poorly as most people think of themselves.

Which is why the Golden Rule is, who has the gold rules – this idea that you treat others in kind, or as you would be, rather depends on one’s station and place in life – their actual experience of others.

The reason why there is a nostalgia about the 1970s is that it was the last decade that heterosexual men got to behave like gay men

That swinging no strings attached sex wave after the 1960s free love, but before AIDs, not only a fast killing STD in the 1980s, but one that had even more social stimga than any of the hundreds of STDs that came before – there is more than the Syph-Gonerhea-herpes-clymidia, it runs the range of micro flora and fauna – bacteria, viruses, yeasts! Oh My – Orifices, Fluids, Contact Contracted, Exchanged across permeable membranes…..

AIDS was incorrectly thought of as gay disease in North America through the 1980s and into the 1990s. The queer community organized and safe sex was the only sex; the rates of infection dropped and by the late 1990s, AIDs in north america was understood to be like the rest of the world’s a Human Population illness.

Funny, all those godbots claiming AIDs was God’s punishment: Lesbians were then and are now the lowest risk group and least likely to have AIDs. yeah, we existed them too. We just didn’t get noticed until kd lang, Melissa Etheridge and Ellen came out.


Social Sex goes up when the disease risk goes down. the Formula begins with the number of people looking for Mr/Ms Right vs those seeking Mr/Ms Right now. Women longer term plan than men, the cost of sex has a higher biological cost for women, leading to the girls you marry vs girls you have fun with, a limitation of the heterosexual missionary is the only “real” and especially “approved” sex.

Then the 1980s, the Footloose decade where dancing was romancing.

All those guys who were unpopular and jealous of the cool Elvis guys getting all the girls, trumpeted Family Values of the 1950s Sitcoms.

It was the Moral Majority, a noisy and whiny minority who Billy Grahamed and Jim Jones Church rent a crowd at political rallies and delivered blocks of voters……..

Ronald Regan Amiable Actorred his way to the White House and was the first USA President to say “AIDs”. He and his wife Nancy, let their homosexual pal Rock Hudson die, while they championed the innocent Ryan White – a child PWA – Person with Aids. Just Say No to Drugs, eh.

Bush The Elder gained the White House following his heading the CIA.

The phrase “Politically Correct” was first uttered by him to denigrate having to include other people. The phrase does not meaning to be inclusive it means to cry about not being allowed to openly bully people anymore.

Thanks to professional gadgets becoming consumer items, the advent of inventing social panics “Back Masking” or playing a song backwards and finding the satanic evil messages you expect from gibberish (can we be surprised by people who attention seek in group hysteria excerises with speaking in tongues and flailing around; usually in hot churches without air circulation and dehydration combined with the emotional context and social acceptability of this spiritual masturbating and moral rationalizing)

-but mostly the mainstreaming of rap, before the west-east hostilities of rappers and record labels exchanging bullets instead of rhyming pot shots; leading into the detente of hiphop actual mainstream version that we have today.

Rock n Roll was under attack by Tipper Gore, wife of Al, then Big Tobacco Family Money and riding Clinton’s personable coat-tails into office – Secret Service Code Name: Elvis!

Al Gore is the only person EVER to win an award – an Oscar – for a PowerPoint Presentation, such is the power of productivity software – lecture notes turned into presentation and handouts, school in the boardrooms.

And as effective, people enjoy the dramatics, feel informed and aware and glad they are doing their part. There wasn’t a test. Just real life and we’ve failed. Now, we have to mitigate for the masses.

The PMRC and rockers testified before congress like screenwriters of the 1950s. Wouldn’t That make a more interesting movie that Trumbo? what’s next remake that Game Show Payola Scandal or maybe Alan Freed’s radio rock n roller one?

Democrats against rock n roll, explain how they were left wing again?

Idioms rarely mean what the words say, and cliches are horrifyingly true.

For example; the phrase “with all due respect” means with none at all, without actually being disrespectful. It’s the line that crosses through the words, the pattern of stress and softs, pauses and lengths of pauses, tone, pitch and frequency…You can’t handle the truth volume.

Bush The Elder also said atheists can’t be patriots.

Ah excuse me, the people who worked out the bombs that “won” WW2 for America, but really only made war that much more horrifying; Alan Turing who won the war by cracking German code and did the math that allowed for computers to do some of the pattern analysis; is that war is no longer fought directly nation vs nation, but via proxy in other nations in Guerrilla war where Chess is not the battlefield of boots on the ground, but rather, Go/Othello – dash and disappear, rash seeming attacks

I think it’s truer to say that atheists are less susceptible to emotional jingoism combined with fairly obvious political machinations. But Advertising and Propaganda and Counter-Intelligence are all based in sound behavioral sciences and psychiatry principles, still in a learning curve. Not all neurotic behaviours are embedded in childhood.

and it’s interesting to compare the USA and Canada – so many similarities, yet the glaring differences, eh.

Too Canadian to say things, our inverted inferiority complex is kinda our thing. We’re not sure what we are, but the one place in the world, where the peoples of the world, do mostly get along.

Canada is what America could be, if they christmased to each other every day.

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