Fossil Hunter: Mary Anning


It is funny to hear modern day book sellers complain about Science Establishment not gushing over their wishful thinking, ancient alien racism when you consider the reality of science.


It doesn’t take a fancy or even formal education to do science, you just have to follow the method – Mary Anning was the world’s leading expert on Jurassic sea creatures and even got science to recognize when they were literally looking at fossil poo.


Because she was working class and a women, she received no academic credit for her work – her observations, drawings and astonishing finds of fossils that were complete.

The men who collected what she found, often published and gained the credit.


Mandatory Credit: Photo by Richard Gardner/REX (1430250ad) Mary Anning was a leading fossil collector, Dinosaur Museum, Dorchester, England, Britain Dorset, Britain – Aug 2011

Dorset, Britain - Aug 2011

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