Canada: Romans came not conquered?

It looks like a Roman ship made it to the east coast of Canada.

Columbus never arrived in Canada and he did not land in America either.

So it was China migrations that settled the land, then the Vikings for a decade, until the Europeans arrived by the boatloads, First Contact not really considerations. Ever in reality. It’s just culture shock and awe technology – exchange of germs and goods and culture techs up.

so was it a roman ship or some other ship that had roman stuff on board?

I am calling hoax on this, given the rather suspicious circumstances.

A TV show about the Legendary cursed alleged Pirate Pit, is contacted by a man, a widower of a women who’s father and brother found a roman sword in Canada’s waters and didn’t tell anyone decades ago when they found it?

How is that believable? They would have realized it was very unusual and called one of several universities, the media, something.

Why would people do a hoax? because to promote what they want to believe is true – consider the Ancient Alien Promoters.

it’s the PT Barnum Principle and why Critical Thinking and science literacy is so important.

It’s the rush to claim, without examination, then crying “Mainstream Orthodoxy” and other childish attacked on the main body of science.

It is established for many facts and reasons, and these claims that one find will overturn all of history, no. it just changes some of the data points. Anything that would change dramatically, needs far more credible and compelling evidence. That old extraordinary claims and correlating standard of proof.


“I think this is the single most important discovery for the Americas – an event that will re-write history. They will talk about it very briefly on Curse of Oak island but something like this shouldn’t be a footnote in a TV show – this is a gunshot to be heard around the world. It changes all of our history on this side of the pond.”

He said mainstream historians often dismiss such finds by suggesting artifacts that do not conform to the orthodoxy must have been dropped by collectors in more modern times.

“That’s how they poo-poo having to talk about it,” Pulitzer says. “But it’s a pretty blatant Roman artifact. The knee-jerk reaction was to think somebody put that sword there. It was found incredibly close to Oak Island in water only 25ft deep. But if you dropped that rare collectors’ sword overboard, wouldn’t you dive down to get it?”




Did the ROMANS discover America? – Daily Mail…/Did-ROMANS-discover-America-Sword-Oak-Islan…

1 day ago – Pictured on the left is the Roman shield ‘boss’ found in Nova Scotia. … ‘The ceremonial sword came out of that shipwreck,’ he told The Boston Standard. …. Khloe Kardashian shows off her hard-earned figure in impromptu …

9 hours ago – An ancient artifact discovered near Nova Scotia’s Oak Island is forcing … to have found evidence that Roman ships arrived to North American …

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