Reconciliation requires Truth

  • 1867 Indian Act- South Africa based their apartheid system on the Canadian Reservation administration.


  • 1969 federal government white paper on “Indian policy,” released by PM Pierre Trudeau and his Indian Affairs Minister Jean Chretien (later PM), proposed to abolish the 1867 Indian Act and remove the distinct legal status of indigenous peoples, including treaty rights, in an effort to end what it called a discriminatory relationship. The policy was abandoned in 1970 after a massive outcry from First Nations, Metis and Inuit peoples.
  • 1996 Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples
  • 2007, more than 80,000 survivors of residential schools were to receive compensation from  the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement a $2 billion fund  as well as receiving a full report from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission born out of the largest class-action lawsuit in Canadian history.
  • 2015 -When Justice Murray Sinclair formally ends the six-year Truth and Reconciliation Commission later this morning with the release of its final report, he’ll be setting a high bar for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

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the indigenous peoples people were the first wave of migrants and they occupied the land uncontested for a long time

a thousand years ago, the Vikings were the next group to arrive on shores now deemed to be Canada.

They only lived in Canada for about a decade, it was too risky to travel the 6 weeks across the ocean – although the large straight tree trunks were an amazing resource for lodge and ship building, an untamed land with natural raw resources and far too unknown a population. England, Europe and other closer nations with manufacturers gold and other riches were easier pickings and you’d still make it home for the harvest.

A few hundred years later, the new world was being surveyed and divided by the crowns of Europe, giddy with conquest of these New World but also Africa. The church wanted wealth but they wanted converts more.

There is no kind or gentle way to say it. The early efforts by European settlers was genocide and assimilation. The 1900s Residential Schools was assimilation and referred to as Culturocide.

Students where removed from their families, required to speak english, to show constant deference with lowered eyes, physical and sexual abuse occurred and these are the only schools in Canada with cemeteries associated with them. Worse, unmarked graves.

The Catholic, Anglican and United Churches did not contribute any money into the 2007 fund, it was all government money – the churches were able to bizarrely successfully argue that the Government had failed to properly Supervise and Instruct them not to do these abuses and in the alternative, they argued that it was sub-contractor employees of their own, exceeding their authority – but not accepting any resp0nsibility for failing to supervise their employees or just admit they did wrong and in fact, evil.

Given that there was already well establish in many country that Vatican Sex Crimes are going on throughout every level of the organization – this is beyond reprehensible that the Churches avoid consequences.

So if they clearly cannot refrain from such social evil as sexually molesting, beating and abusing and murdering vulnerable children, then they can’t be deemed a source of morality; and should not be permitted to continue to operate as the authority on abusive relationships.

Given that the believer to god relationship is entirely based in grovelling, not being good enough ever and utter absenteeism, it is not hard to understand why these things happen, when their view of what love is is utter abasement.


residential school mass grave

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Next Up: The Missing Women Inquiry.

Dear Canada, there is one very quick and easy way to make the Pope say sorry and to fund all these infrastructure and social programs: Tax The Churches.

While I was never a formal employee of DIAND/INAC, I did work there for 9 months in Corporate Services on loan from RCMP, and I was in several competitions in various branches of the department, both of them. Most of them in Vancouver actually.

Given C-51 World and that the Canada Secrecy Act Applies even unto no longer Treasury Board Employees or PSE (Public Service Employee, we prefer that to Public Servant or Public Service and especially Snivel Service and Uncivil Servants).

As for my additional analysis; I have to direct you to the Department; they probably still have my reports (1999-2000).

Further Inquiries and comments Directed Here

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