4 years without Hitchens

It been 4 years since The Great Hitch smoked his last cigar and quaffed his last scotch.

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He was the first person who wrote that Mother Teresa was evil, a conclusion that I had reached in the 1980s in my teens – when she and Billy Graham were whistle stop tour stumping in Canada to protest against our new Health Canada administrative matter of medical procedure – abortion – having been removed from the Criminal Code of Canada.

He was brilliant and droll and gladly took on all Professional Godbots and decimated them. Brainbot Pride, eh. Hitchens spoke like a Brit but behaved like an American, because of the effort required to be understood by the opponents, so much goes over their heads when they speak mostly from their glands.

I used to really enjoy his Slate column and assert he was utterly speaking out his arse when he said women aren’t funny. Women have to put up with men, eh.

Anyway, here’s a collection of my Hitchens musings:


Greatest Story Ever Sold

That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence. Christopher Hitchens I think Hitchens should be taken a step further to be that which is asserted without evidence, should be dismissed without consideration. When claims are implausible … Continue reading


Now that Hitchens is rotting in the ground…..

This atheist- naturalist would like to say something about Christopher Hitchens that might be the one thing that no one ever was willing to say or think about Hitchens. When did it become okay for straight men to act like … Continue reading

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On this Blog:

Queer Eye for the Naturalist Guy

The Atheist Misanthrope Scientist Curmudgeon needs a makeover, because it’s not okay to be a snidey whiney privileged male at the bottom of the Scale of Males, from Alpha (Jocks) to Betas (wingmen and Toadies) to Charlies (Nerds and Geeks … Continue reading


Are there secular community leaders?

Athiestworld: Dear Dick Dawkins STFU Okay. it’s official.   We can not put the majority of the responsibility for social sexism on “religion” when the world’s self proclaimed most rational man does not understand the optics of when to SHUT THE … Continue reading


Elevator Saga 3.0: Nina vs Senior Partner Lawyer

In the early 1990s, I got a job at a photocopy/printing shop. We did a promotional newsletter with some helpful green office tips about equipment and was basically one big commercial for the shop’s services and was targeted to Law … Continue reading

four-horsemen greta_christina_on_angry_atheists_by_fiskefyren-d711jje


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