Russia and/or Ukraine

For the full slide show, visit hereslide_3The Mongols ruled the plains that became Russia, and the mix of the genetics splinters into cultural groups, giving way to the rise of Christian Orthodoxy and The Tsars redefining the peoples to a revolutionary point, peasants into workers and from there: A Middle Class


No one enjoys being landlocked..harbouring views of the sea;

shifting from a rural peasant serfdom into industrial nations, shifting from Rule of Tsars to Party Rule, Glastolgic, Reactionary Refractive Hindsight during revolutionary times…Russia a nation where once was an empire, Purges and 5 year Pograms warring coldly in a race for space… while China once the world’s factory, the longest operating 500 year planning civilization, ending the era of the superpowers. Russia shrunken borders and America…. needing debt relief and serious constraints to defcon down and just sink carbon and keep breathing.


Star Trek vs Babylon 5: The Russians

Chevok with his Beatles Hair, rebooted with Elvis style     Susan Ivonova didn’t just drive the Babylon 5 Station….



Canada vs Russia

  The European wars, deemed world wars, sure. Given. What most people have forgotten is that Canada and Russia nearly went to war in the early 1970s over cod fish off of Newfoundland. Iceland had declared a 200 mile limit … Continue reading


Nina with A Romanov Fantasy by Frances Welch

The Lessons of Russian Foxes

      Basically, within one human generation we can transform society. It did not take many generations for the foxes to start physically changing size, colour, brain size and ear/tail cuteness.   For early humans to have animal companions … Continue reading

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