Pizza Shaming and Shunning

Excommunicating, Banishing, punishing to the margins

Disapproval non inclusion Glancing Looks and silence blows

the latest Faux Rage over society’s apathy and indifference to each other.

The Pizza Woman Walks away from a fatal car crash

where there are many witness, some will hero and others will not

Nina Coast Guard Certification

The reality is that most people do not know what to do when they see a terrible fatal event.

So part of the brain just doesn’t process how to respond and you autopilot on.

If she had had any first aid training, she would have reacted differently. Her brain would already have the information on how to respond and that auto pilot clicks on.

As a regular person, her brain rationalized that she only saw after the crash, nothing that is useful as a police or insurance witness.

As someone probably lacking first aid, very probably taking in that other people were approaching the scene, that there being nothing she could contribute, continued on – that crash story only includes her because of Retail Security Cameras, which further render her limited eyewitness view not needed.

And because social media allows people who wouldn’t even know about the situation to jump in with their second guessing and over assumptions of their own skills and responses become more heroic when one has time to consider them from a position of non-involved safety.

It certainly doesn’t help anything to beret a person for potential not making the situation worse, the last thing that a dangerous situation needs is someone jumping into the middle and endangering themselves and impeding others.

If you can’t help, it’s better to walk away and stay out of the way of those who can help. Dumping on people after the fact, really does not help or encourage a society of people who will apply their training, after all – there are legal ramifications for bystanders who get involved over their skill levels if they have professional certification that doesn’t apply to those who tried by lacked the skill to be helpful.

Nina and Emergency by Neil Strauss Safety Vest Nina

In studies of human responses, when 5 people are in a room and there’s a bang noise in the next, they will all remain seated, waiting for someone to take lead/be in charge.

Individually, alone, each would investigate the sound. Unsure that anyone else around to be aware of potential dangers.

lacking training or a sense of authority in a situation will cause people to hesitate before response, and most people’s help is limited to anything before self endangerment.

It is a rare person who will run into a fire to save strangers.

Reckless Would Be Rescuers Become Victims rather than Victors.

Nina with Handwashing poster Nina and WHMIS Quick Guide

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