National Empires vs SuperPowers: Africa Edition

2000px-African-civilizations-map-pre-colonial.svg africankingdoms

The Greco-Roman World view triangulates Egypt – it alone survived the 1230 common era end of the Bronze Age empires: that the Unknown Origin but commonly referred to as “Sea People” – combined with a series of volcanic/earthquake activity all the way from Modern Greece where lived the the Minoans, into the Hittites in Turkey, down the Mediterranean and curving back west  – left only Egypt to limp into the Iron Age ruled by Rome.

As if Rome was the only Empire the Egypt had to deal with, it wasn’t exactly wilderness on their Africa Front. Egypt was ruled by Egyptians, Nubian’s and finally the Greeks a la Alexander’s Generals carving out his Dynasty Dash, Cleo’s Roman Lover building his Empire on Egypt’s Ashes…..Caesar, who was Rome,  and Antony, who tried to be, bested by the juniorest of the Triumph,  lost armies and a fleet — the most important gold was wheat.

maps_of_world_africa colonial-powers-in-africa-c-1908

Africa had megacities and cities, a trade network – mostly in Western Africa, and they battled each other, smaller pagan unaffiliated tribes and Egypt.

List of oldest continuously inhabited cities – Wikipedia, the …

Jump to Africa, Northern9th century BC, Major trading city in the Horn of Africa · Carthage · Tunisia … 400 BC, Ancient capital of the Kingdom of Axum.

This is the land that spawned our species and most were content to remain, groups that traveled went through the middle east into Asia, Russian steppes and into Europe, where there were Neanderthals – France and Spain, looking at you. Make nice with the neighbors.

Rapid technology and development/exploitation in Europe allowed for ship building and exploration and soon, Africa faced a whole new kind of invader. European Christians and Turkish Muslims challenging the pagan and more ancient faiths of humanity.



Where once warfare was smallish groups of people, where a battle lasted a day or two and annexing campaigns took months and those were the Sandals and Chariots on the Ground Days.

The Conquerors and the Conquered, Assimilated or Die in the Area or labour force.

The Discoverer gets to exploit what they find, tales of adventures, daring and dashing – how quaint the provincials – everyone gets their 15 minutes someone said…only when other people stop getting theirs.

we need to focus on actual living people and address environmental security, energy sustainability, sinking carbon faster than we use it – shelter and food security and end exploitation and class warfare waste.



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