Here a Right, There a Right, Everyone’s Got a Right Right


Human Rights: When do we want them?

The Quasi-Judiciary. Tribunals and Commissions.  BC Human Rights Tribunal Indepent, quasi-judicial body responsible for adjudicating human rights complaints. Offers relevant sections of the legal code, list of programs and resources for …   I live in British Columbia. But, I … Continue reading


The Myth of Rights

BBC reports Saudi Arabia is beheading people for using their heads. An artist sentenced to death for apostasy. Three young Shia Muslims – arrested when they were minors – faced with beheading. And reports in the Saudi press of the … Continue reading


Rights: Demographic and Social Role Specific

Human rights. right in your nation vs rights when you travel outside of it. Rights you have on your time, versus when you are on your employer’s time. Rights vary at work, rest and play. Collective Bargaining and The Right … Continue reading


Participation Rights: Voting or Ballot Casting

When women were deemed persons and included in the democratic process – like the men – women voted. There was never any discussion to call it something else when done by women; so it had rather been stupid for the … Continue reading


Writer Chat 152: Rights and Reproduction Rights – Yours, Mine and Ours

you got yours and the line ends there is actually NOT how rights work you are as dumb as hillbillies…/toronto-dads-captured-in-viral… Toronto dads captured in viral photo with newborn son celebrate first Father’s Day It was almost one year ago … Continue reading

westboro Thor the disney princess

Foodies and Cruelty/Exploitation: Why Rights for all Matter

Civet coffee: why it’s time to cut the crap Tony Wild: When I introduced civet coffee to the UK it was a quirky novelty. Now it’s overpriced, industrialised, cruel – and frequently inauthentic. That’s really hard to stomach Civet … Continue reading


The Road to Rights: Modern Infrastructure Assimilation

“imperial measurements” were actually done to the body of the king a king scaled world until MAGNA CARTA – and poof it was no longer nobility who sorta had rights to property, and the property peasants became sorta citizens… demographics … Continue reading



Star Trek Verse: Alt.Life Rights

Star Trek always had an episode where the Captain had to play lawyer and plead to extend the meaning of life to manufactured, constructed and programmed forms of beings. To separate a sentient being from an non-sentient one becomes challenging … Continue reading

rally3 View Me See You

And so; It Begins

December 11, 2015 – The Federal Human Rights Commission complaint against Transport Canada is now activated. 1998 Revenue Canada… complaint & grievance 1999 RCMP … female, ’nuff said 1999 Indian and Northern Affairs Canada .. no comment 2000 RCMP…Klein Lawyers … Continue reading

Nina and Canadian War on Queerstumblr_ncf88o1x5M1tkd1pzo4_1280 

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