Canada: Wheat and Maple Syrup

Canada’ farmers produce and then Product Boards are doing the marketing. Farmers are no allowed to privately sell.

It is always one of those double edged sword things – on many levels a co-op structure benefits by producers not undercutting each other, and focuses on the marketing of the product.

The Wheat Board was extremely controversially sold by former PM Harper to foriegn interests, rather than back to the Canadian growers .

Canadian Wheat Board – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The CWB’s mandate was to pay farmers a base price for their grain, identify markets, negotiate the best price, deliver the goods, issue advance cheques and …


Meanwhile, Maple Syrup of which Canada is essentially the only supplier, is causing rebellion in the producer ranks.


Quebec Maple Syrup Producers’ Cooperative – Citadelle
Citadelle is Quebec’s largest cooperative of sugar maple growers and maple syrup producers active in maple syrup and maple product manufacturing, processing, and marketing. … Why Citadelle · Mission, Quality policy and Values · History · Board of … Montreal Canadian Maple Delights Location Walks Away With Gold.
Represents over 400 Ontario maple syrup producers. Includes a directory of equipment manufacturers, wholesalers, dealers, exporters and educational tours, …

How a maple syrup rebellion is growing in Quebec ……/how-a-maplesyrup-rebellion-is-growing-i…

Yet in recent years Grenier and other maple syrup producers in Quebec have … the similarly monopolistic Canadian Wheat Board before Ottawa liberated them, …


Help or hindrance, nothing makes Alberta go more insane than suggesting a gas and oil board.


Frankly, I am not so concerned about producers being run by quasi-government or actual government agencies – I imagine it gives a sense of someone in charge of economics. While I am not a producer (I have Saskatchewan family who are), I tend to think that owner operated co-ops would do a better job of production quotes, reserve management and fair pricing. The point of being an owner was not being an employee, which is apparently what’s happened.

I am more concerned by that our major Harbors  and Airports are run by private interests and not government anymore; because these are national security points of interest.


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