Stopping Traffic: Da Bomb

I have been in permitted parades and demonstrations without permits.

There is something powerful in stopping traffic.

Nina Angles

In the early 1990s, the Lesbian Avengers gathered at the Art Gallery downtown Vancouver and there were more Vancouver Police Department Corporal-Constables in attendance than marchers.

There was 6 of us and because everyone else took a step back when the VPD cops showed up, and I, by standing still became the spokesperson.

I had already accidentally outed a lesbian who was with 2 men, I had called out “Jill you came to the march!” and she turned red, it was casual friday and she was on lunch with her boss and bosses boss.

Anyway, she really wasn’t enjoying working at BC Hydro but it sure didn’t result in a second date.

The cops tried to play nice that they were regular Angles readers, no doubt, eh. Anyway, we were on the verge of giving up for lack of numbers and the police ended up stopping traffic.

We just did a march around the Art Gallery Proper, 6 white women in their 20s waving signs and wearing t-shirts with this on them:


The design was done by the son of one of the original New York Lesbian Avengers and it tapped into “Da bomb” as a cultural music reference, meaning the best.

The city of Vancouver, BC actually woke up to 200 of these posters 11×17 sized all over the city, so our initial actions got notice, but infighting ended the Vancouver chapter.

There were two posters we did – one had just that logo, the second had that logo as a tattoo on an ass cheek – line drawing.

it is really funny to think of it then, we knew we were harmless.

but it is really not the type of logo I would use or recommend now.

NIna and Gewn Jacobs march

The Gwen Jacobs topless march of the 1990s also was not with permit, and as fun as it was to march on Commercial Drive and actually get on a bus; when the middle aged man called the police, it was easy to see how situations could easily and needlessly escalate.

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