Public Service vs Public Support

If a thing can be done, it will be.

Transportation Industry ranges from Trains, Planes, Trucks and cars. Cargo and Passengers and messages.

In Toronto Ontario, Canada, the Uber app has come to an ugly confrontation with Taxi Drivers, who are correct in that Uber is undercutting their industry.

Blocking morning rush hour drivers was not the best PR stunt, nor the screaming, sit in and getting dragged by alleged Uberdrivers.

Like the Critical Mass Bicycle Riders gridlocking traffic to protest pollution and push a health-lifestyle agenda out of reach of drivers going more than 2 suburbs.

Frankly, I will support more bike lanes when those drivers also have to pay for insurance and licenses and be more subject to traffic fines to offset the cost – and loosing parking on the street to bike lanes will have a serious impact on stores.

making other people’s day more difficult is not a good get support, and the taxi companies are correct.

If they weren’t regulated, they’d be undercutting each other.

Much like the trucking industry from the union companies battling with the non-union.

One more weird way that the same work is not of the same value.

One more reason why there needs to be a guaranteed minimum income to avoid these cutthroat and predatory business practice where it’s a race to the bottom and service and safety is waived.

Annual Salaries vs Hourly Wage vs Piece/Commission, full time, over time, part time…..



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then there’s the whole handidart, mobility issues, pets

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