Elaine Ecklund publishes more Templeton-funded accomodationism: “many scientists aren’t atheists”

Consider the Funding Source always when reviewing any study’s conclusion.

people confuse “scientists” with “technicians”

science seeks knowledge while techs seek to arrange it

Why Evolution Is True

The sociologist Elaine Ecklund is on a mission, one funded by Templeton: to show that scientists are more religious than most people think, and that the general perception of a conflict between science and religion is overblown. I don’t care so much about the perception of conflict (though according to a recent Pew poll, 59% of American adults see religion and science as conflicting), but I do care about how, using lots of Templeton money, Ecklund produces paper after paper claiming that scientists are basically religious. And that, she thinks, proves comity between science and faith.

I’ve written about Ecklund’s crusade several times on this site (for a compilation of posts, go here), and I and others have called her out for saying things that simply aren’t supported by her own data.

For example, in her book Science vs. Religion: What Scientists Really Think, Ecklund claimed that nearly 50% of “elite…

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