Analog Broadcast vs Digital Telecom

In the analog broadcast world, we had few broadcasters who competed with similar to each other entertainment products.

When analog tv went silent, there was seemless switchover to digital and we were promised a world where 10 channels of content would fit in the broadcast spectrum where only 1 did before.

It did not become x10 the content, it was the same content, re-run, like nothing syndication had ever seen before and the big entertainment companies rushed to exploit their back catalog on new medium because those old performers contracts didn’t contemplate technology change

and instead of everyone on board to mutual benefit, it’s get while the getting good and let the lawyers sort it out later and that’s a very good deal for lawyers and not so much for justice.

the idea that the only crime is getting caught is as big a problem as the idea of live fast and die young and the worst: if you can’t be famous. be infamous.

The Digital world has made everyone with a gadget a broadcaster.

there is an inverse of relationship between quality and quantity, and a truism of never underestimating the lowest common denominator

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anyway, I don’t remember the pixelated images, broken up signals, widely varying pauses for loading and signal disruption because someone used the microwave or strong winds outside.



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