O Canada: Alberta

Alberta is the Texas of Canada, but still Canadian, eh.

The Cold Lake Mosque was vandalized with hate speech graffiti. The Community turned out to help clean it up.

In Calgary, the transit stations were similarly defaced and volunteers turned out to remove the painted words, that most people in Canada are not actually thinking, they are volunteering to open their homes and reaffirming community, not giving into fear mongering or mistrust.

Accepting that “most” of any religion are people like any and everyone else, and it’s just those extremists that ruin a spiritual good time for everyone.

This sort of thing doesn’t happen in Canada, people think. Actually it does. There is inter-religion competitiveness often erupts in under the cover of dark spray painting at Jewish cemeteries and Temples, at Jehovah Witness Halls and at Mosques.

Physical assaults against Sikh elderly men have occurred in Surrey BC, leading to life impairing injuries and death in the 1990s to present day – and in Vancouver and Toronto queers have been assaulted and killed.

Little Sister’s Book and Art Emporium, a queer community house of knowledge and connection was twice bombed, fortunately no one was killed or injured – but explosives were used in the 1990s to cause terror in our community by religious haters and bigots.

Meanwhile, Alberta is the only province in which there is no protection for farm workers employed by “The Family Farmer.”

They don’t want Gubbermint Telling Them How to run their business, as if those employees stop being citizens entitled to protections available to other citizens by entering the Family Farm Property.

These people should have been the first to freak when former PM Harper, from Alberta – converted the Canadian Wheat Board into the Saudi Wheat, rather than a co-op of the farmers who grew the grain…..but they didn’t – seeing it as a Saskatchewan issue?

I mean, Alberta’s got gas and oil and the Feds once tried to create a national oil and gas – PetroCanada – that was build by the pubic and is now a private sector for profit company when it was supposed to be Canada’s gas for Canada at cost and we sold for profit to the USA and other trade partners.

The private sector wants to do all the bits of government that are profitable and make it possible for the government to do the bits that are needed and costly and do not create profit – mostly transport and communication grids – power grids with surge protections physically and in the marketplace – and not have to pay middle class salaries and benefits? you gotta pay into the system to benefit from said system.

Hoarding and skimming out of country does not an economy make. money, like manure has to be spread around to be of any use. (Paraphrasing Elvis Presley, American Philosopher).

And the first to clamor for government farm aid – so government is about making everyone have the same rules and which ones get applied to you is interconnected to how you apply said rules to others.

Here is where the Myth of the CEO-King, and LandOwner as LandRuler, BusinessOwner as Employee Owner, comes to a very big reality check.

Alberta community mourns three sisters killed in farming …

http://www.theglobeandmail.com › News › National

Oct 14, 2015 – Catie, Jana and Dara Bott liked to play ball, camp, fish and go quadding. The sisters did chores on their generational family farmthree blond …

Family Farms are at the end of their timespan, globally most people live in urban areas, then suburbs and rural last, when the majority once lived raw and rough.
The size of the human population needs a food system that better serves needs across the supply chain to distribution to end consumer.
With much better waste management and waste conversion – into value added secondary and tertiary supporting and complimentary business lines.  poo into fuel, eh.
weaponized cows? cows cause climate change? more likely to be killed by a cow than a shark!

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