Cryogenics: Flash Frozen


  • Alcor says its operation is “an experiment in the most literal sense of the word”. It does not promise a second chance at life, but says cryonics is “an effort to save lives”.
  • It says “real death” only occurs when a dying body begins to shut down and its chemicals become so “disorganised” that medical technology cannot restore them. Future technology could make it more likely that the process can be reversed.
  • Moments after a customer is declared legally dead, the body is put on artificial life support, and blood replaced with preservatives, for transportation from anywhere in the world to Alcor’s headquarters.
  • The body is flooded with chemicals called “cryoprotectants”, which cool cells to -120C without ice forming, a process called vitrification.
  • The body is then cooled further to -196C and stored indefinitely in liquid nitrogen.

Source: Alcor Life Extension Foundation


A 2 year old’s brain has been added to the “To be revived list” to see if we can cheat death.

I am not sure what incentive there will be in the future to attempt to restore people who are out of their time period.

Even if the cancer or other health conditions are treatable in the future, I doubt that brain removal will be recoverable.

As disturbing as this is, it is more ethical than those who claim they can talk to the dead and give only false comfort as they take your money.

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