Born Again Atheists

Outside of the Forbidden Social Topics (Politics, Religion, Sex – because you almost never change minds on the first two and everyone lies about the latter): there are Types of People best avoided.

Reformed drinkers, Stopped Smokers and Vegetarians – because they all feel entitled to lecture others on their choices.

There is really one kind of atheist – people who reject religion.

There are no New Atheists, we just don’t feel the need to be quiet anymore – especially given that religion will not leave non-member alone.

Secular Governments are where the social line is supposed to be drawn, the public service populated by representative public, first come first served, no separate lines.

The problem is that voters vote with religion for the politician with religion on their lips. This is why there is a needed limit on government of the day powers of parliament  versus the actual government administration.

There is nothing to atheism so it, in and of itself, has no substance to actually talk about.

Religion, not the trivia inside, but how it is advancing and receding from the public square is something. Religion is not being attacked so much as having it’s tendrils pried off and out of places it has no place to be.

So it is with some amusement that there is a social discussion about people who were religious and now are not are somehow real atheists over those of us who were lucky enough to not be raised in a or any particular religion.

This is like the you can’t be gay until you’ve had het sex to know you don’t like it, when the clue is the lack of appeal of one and total desire of the other. OR worse, you can’t really be a lesbian because you haven’t had their particular penis.

It’s an emotional fallacy made by people who experience the world via glands – emotional rushes are hormonal washes.

Godbots focus on faith, which is emotional and all evidence and proof enough, but eventually those subjective experiences, when you understand the cognitive dissonance needed to rationalize and it’s that attachment to a group identity.

Glandbots focus on feelings – physical sensations and emotions.


But atheists do not tend to validate other people’s emotions, so It is tiring as a Brainbot to be constantly juggling other people’s emotional baggage.

that commonality of experience emotionally, what they once got from group hymns and hand claps, is very different from the internet, which is not indifferent – mercy on your soul if you misspell something… it’s the similar mentality of victim hierarchy – murdered most pitied, raped as a child compassion raped as an adult suspicion, assaulted understood to a point – bullied? WTF…

so this might be a difficult concept for people who are exiting religion to grasp, but there is no better atheism over any other atheism.

it’s okay to not believe and keep quiet if that is what keeps you safe

and it’s okay to spent time explaining why religion is harmful

and I think when you live in a place where you can legally say so, it’s important to do so


so that others around the world where it’s not, get to see that they are not alone.


so that others who are trapped inside a religion get to see words and ideas that they won’t be exposed to in closed religious communities.

one of the most important things that the atheist, skeptic, rationalist, humanist, free thinkers need to learn from the queer community experience is that


silence = death


on the side because of what you could have

and on the outside in invisiblity


there is no point to wring hands at The Hangman poem


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