Only Decade Kids will get it

the 1970s had small skateboards in neon colours

the 80s had the walkman

the 90s, everyone had a geeky gadget.. it seemed like…


the 00s… did they get have a thing or get named?

the 10s…..the teen decade of a new century….


the past is comforting because it’s known, and the current situation is stupid because we don’t apply what we know.


Prohibition creates criminal opportunities and police budgets.

Marijuana is medical, recreational and sacred all in one.

We need to stop inventing ways to make people criminals, and create contexts and opportunity for people to participate.


Afghanistan grows opium and it’s where morphine comes from, so let them grow and make it into medical uses for all the more hospitals instead of prisons.

South America grows the cocaine and it can probably be used for something, although impotency is a side effect so it is a curious party drug of choice.

Meme Child Coal breakers

and British Columbia Canada, grows the best marijuana and that’s a cash crop that can fuel industry including bio-fuel. BC also has Hydro so we don’t need to deal with gas or oil.

Our coastal waters are not ever okay to drill in.

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