How Hate Crimes become terrorism

Anders Behring Breivik, the Norway Shooter, is a militant Christian who so hates Muslims that he attacked the traitorous Norwegians who allowed them to arrive in Norway:  Liberal Work and Play Well With Others.

To have attacked the Muslims would have created sympathy for them, and to his mind, they were not really the enemy – they were, but they were not the ones that hurt – it was his fellows whom he felt should know better and it was them he sought to terrorize.


Lone Gunman who are acting as martyrs for their group are terrorists and they do represent the mentality of the rank and file members.

Religious leaders represent their followers and direct them, indirectly as well, they provide the context of the group community.

Anyone who deemed their primary demographic as a religion is a Godbot.

Glandbot People tend more towards materialism and pleasure, while Brainbots seek knowledge and understanding. And Godbots and Glandbots are not that difficult to comprehend.

The problem remains people not talking themselves out of what they are seeing or seeing more than there is. Moderation in all things, including caution.

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