Dec 2 – Agoraphobic Outing

The Food Court Jugo Juice was my first stop for a 1 oz wheatgrass juice with pineapple chaser.

The ….coffee is baristas sandwich artists juice wench is probably really bad, I have lost track of the various titles that employees are given to avoid the word “clerk”  .. Clerk is the New Secretary. Admin Assistant….

Everything seemed to be fine, as she juiced the grass she was giggling about another customer and she’s accidentally not given them the dollar discount because she’d thought it was yesterday.

I smiled and agreed that tracking which day of the week it was could be challenging and she stopped giggling and got really professional and served my juice shots. I am not sure what went sideways, but it didn’t go entirely off.

I have begun to human interface with companies than machine kiosks which have jumped from Banking Machines to self check out even for CoffeenDonut @ Timmys.

Anyway, whether clerks are saying merry christmas, there is red and tinsel everything, and music playing in which the word Christmas is freely used as a lyric and no one was protesting or bursting into flames.

I do appreciate the concentration of shops and services that the mall offered and going from the Food Court to the Bank to Black Bond Books, then Craving for A Game while my Mom continued onto Timmy’s.

I played a game with Buck, proprietor and two customers – one he was demoing the product for and the 4th a regular customer.

Hero Rhino is an amusing game with trying to be the first to play all your cards or have the least when the card tower being built by the turns falls over. I mean, there’s even a purple rhino that charges through the tower, it was a fun game and rapid, and several plays in a row would be a fun game session.

I picked up the new sided dice – a d3, d16, d24 and a tube of mini d6 in a rainbow of colours.

Craving a Game: The Outing!

I need to encourage myself more to do things that are for fun rather than for errands. In this way, I am hoping to lower my fear and resistance to going into the Big Blue Room. So I decided to … Continue reading

Craving for a Game Store SignageRhino Hero

Then, it was off to the Dread Grocery Store.


A grandmother aged woman actually gasped at the implication that Charlie Sheen was “bisexual” more than he has AIDs.

I use the air quotes as her word, rather than as scare quotes, but I am unsure if the term is actually correct.

I mean there used to be hetero, homobians and bisexuals and transgendered, with not a lot of further labeling. LGTBQ has come to include kinky heterosexuals.

So sexuality is hetero-opposite gender attraction, homo-same gender attraction, bisexual-both gender attraction and pan-sexual – person attraction and I am unsure if drilling down to MtF hetero, homo, etc is also all labeled and named gender and sexuality have become very fluid that apparently even “questioning” is an orientation rather than a phase of identity shift.

the feared queer lifestyle was living marginalized in the workforce and booze and drugs to sop the pain because of religious people not working and playing well, not because that’s how people wanted to live.

It’s truer to say that Charlie Sheen was a hedonist Glandbot and the odds caught up with him. Live Fierce and Die Fast is also a part of the youth fetish – he is lucky that for him, it will be a chronically managed illness.

Wall Street, the movie that summed up the 1980s Greed/Denial of Consequence Decade, is all about trying to beat the odds and game the game.


Also on the magazine stand


Let’s Go To The Mall Yesterday!

I actually did sing bits of the song wandering through the mall. I went to go visit my lesbro pal Buck who owns Craving for a Game, located at Central City formerly known as Surrey Place Mall. I wanted to … Continue reading

Central City Surrey Place Mall

Godbot Watch: Kindly Update your “D&D” to “Harry Potter”

the 80s called, that issue was resolved then, You should update to Harry Potter. Dungeons and Dragons is full of occult demons, warns Baptist pastor Serious business. back in the late 1980s and early 1990s, I was at the … Continue reading



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