War: Shell Shocked to PSTD

Turkey has shot down a Russian fighter plane.

My first thought was actually about the Korean Commercial airliner that Russia shot down in the mid 1980s and then I thought: when did Turkey join NATO.

I looked it up and given that it was in 1952, I think I have some questions about Canadian public schools.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization had moved well beyond the Allies vs Axis by the time I was in high school, yet, it was still be taught as if it was.


NATO – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Greece and Turkey also joined the alliance in 1952, forcing a series of … NATO’s watch against the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact did not actually lead to direct …

Come to think of it, I vaguely recall there was once talk of Russia joining NATO, in which event, it doesn’t need to exist, eh? Lessee: “NATO has 12 original founding member nation states and from 18 February 1952 to 1 April 2009 it added 16 more member nations.”

Member states of NATO – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In 1952, Greece and Turkey became members of the Alliance. … Iceland, Iceland, the sole member that does not have its own standing army, joined on the ..



So…for everyone who wondered, how one small event turns into a very big one: ArchDuke Ferdinand and his Wife are killed. Provocation and Pretext. Crisis and Opportunity. Pretense. Posture Pose: Rattle Sabres. Eventually:


War is over resources, over national identity vs other national identities.

War is economic, costs are allocated: Capitol Expenditures and Offsetting until the Cost of continuing exceeds the Profits of Restructuring, then there is the modern idea of Reparation.

Litigation: the logical extremity of war: compensation from who started it, if they loose. A new kind of payback, disincentive and expanding area of law – from chasing ambulances to chasing wars: Genocide Survivor Assistance, but only if we use a different word than genocide, and generalize to ensure win-win interest based negotiations, conflict resolution in the battle of words….. .


The European Union is a huddled group of nations that have a long history of not getting along with each other – but are seeing that the farther away a nation is, the more Other it becomes.

Again – there is less than 1% genetic diversity between you and the people you like the best and the ones you like the least.

There isn’t anything as clear and clean as a single act to point to that was the trigger, the permission to charge impact inciting incident for the European second go around, except that there was a lot of poverty and war is also a means of population control, expansion and collapse, nations started as cities and joined up into regions. they also exceed their grasp and collapse. Dissipated, disbursed, disbanded – assimilated, migrated and emigrated.


Anyway, my first thought. In the middle 1980s, Russia shot down a Korean Commercial airline and I think 200 people were killed.

Social Studies Class – looked at history and tried to apply it to current events. Evidently, poorly.

The entire class and teacher were condemning Russia for shooting down a civilian plane.

I changed the teacher’s but no one in the classes’ mind.

South Korea is allied with the USA, Korea being a divider line culture.

the USA not only had high altitude plane surveillance far above where most nations can detect airspace, but also satellites

so it meant that they we not sharing data with their allies, and this was a regular thing for nations to use the cover of civilians, and it was not the first, by one of a sequence, and after several months of warning.

I pointed out that Russia was entitled to defend their interest and internal movements of their troops, they are not looking out for non-russian interests – Korea had been warning.

this is one of the costs of allies being not really working together and how alliances change over time.


we need to stop traumatizing each other and being paranoid and not even trusting those we’re supposed to be allianced with…. such remains the gap, that 1% tiny gap and it is all the diversity we have left from our primate ancestors.





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