Advertising to hostile audiences: Xtians vs Jedi

Business who provide goods and/or services to the public may not cherry pick from the public because their business is able to function because there is a taxpaying public. To deny service on the basis of demographic is discrimination.

Business to Business transactions are another matter and companies that provide access to an audience of the public – all forms of media from newsprint to theatre chains to the internet  – Audience Delivery Services do get to set policies over content, according to their audience demographics and expectations.

In America, a Transit Authority is in the wrong over a Movie Promotion – they regularly promote movies so have no grounds to refuse.


A series of lighthearted posters created by comedian Negin Farsad’s film production company, intended to promote her comedy documentary The Muslims Are Coming! in New York City’s subway system, has inadvertently touched off a national debate in the U.S. about free speech, religious tolerance and the politicization of Islam.

“All we’re doing is promoting a movie!” said Farsad, co-founder of Vaguely Qualified. “I go on the subway and I’m assaulted everyday by ads with Victoria’s Secret models, but I can’t promote The Muslims Are Coming! with funny ads because of some notion that they’re ‘politically disputed’? That’s crazy.”

Full article on CBC

 Kindly note: Muslim and Christian are the same religion as Jewish, so the issue is a movie company product being denied a service that other movie companies are permitted – while this is a religion expecting a service that other religions are not permitted either.

From Passive Advertising Follies to the Absurdist Theatre of the Captive Audience:

Meanwhile, over the pond in the UK, the Official State religion is complaining that private theatre chains do not want to include their “Lord’s Prayer” commercial for their Church (bbc article) as part of the adverts and previews shown before entertainment.

The theatre chain’s advert policy is that “some advertisements – unintentionally or otherwise – could cause offence to those of differing political persuasions, as well as to those of differing faiths and indeed of no faith,” and that “in this regard, DCM treats all political or religious beliefs equally”.

“This advert is about as offensive as a carol service or church service on Christmas Day,” The Most Reverend Justin Welby said

Dear Rev Welby: exactly, yet you resist understanding: any faith is offensive to all over faiths and they are all offensive to humanists.

Furthermore, many people (ranging from altar boys to queers and women who are second class in religion) have been traumatized by religion and encountering it unexpectedly is triggering and may cause anxiety or panic attacks.

Keep your religion to you churches and member homes and out of the public square – especially since, it’s why most movies are lame: religious sensitives

religions claim they make humans different from animals, yet they cause humans to act far worse. That lack of understanding of the impact of religion is the problem.

Furthermore that you seek to have this run before Star Wars – a movie that has inspired the Jedi religion on earth is actually religious war on your part.

The Empire State Religion vs Jedis … Honestly, you can’t buy that publicity.


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