About the Person or their Group

Giving and Taking Offense in online – and in life – conversations has taken on mental health issue proportions.

On a facebook post for a recipe, I commented that the dish sounded disgusting. The poster’s response was to call me a racist and bigot against their country.

Which is a stretch beyond conversational and logic boundaries. That is a person seeking offense on levels where there was no reason to go from “a to b to z” jumping to conclusions and projecting your inferiority complex much?


Commenting about a group of people and assigning only negatives to them is prejudice and says more about the proponent that the commented upon.

Commenting about a particular person, and their particular conduct, is not really a reflection of a group….but…and…this is where the struggle is – stereotypes exist for a reason.

it depends on if it is an externally imposed one, which has no truth to it vs one that emerges from within as a core of what personal variations are.

There does seem to be a homosexual male accent, but not a lesbian one, or bisexual or transgender one – although sexuality and gender are becoming separate things, less intertwined as identity concepts evolve.

Certainly part of the challenge of social acceptance has been fear of AIDs, the most terrifying of STDs and the first “new” one in a while.

it’s a circle jerk of religious collective thinking that lesser people are undeserving, and so are denied – and people who are shunned and marginalized do not thrive and thus, have shorter lives.

blaming the victim for the consequences of having been bullied.

leaving the bullies free to torment again or cry foul when they are not permitted to anymore.



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