AA, EE and other Social Corrections

In America, the concept is referred to as Affirmative Action while in Canada, it’s Employment Equity.

Generally characterized as “reverse discrimination” and “tokenism” by the majority, who is butt-hurting over the social re-balancing and moving towards a meritocracy – first from the necessity of having to put into law no discrimination or oppression, then, the time it takes for society to catch up to the law.

The problem is not the smallest group demanding equality consideration, but that it was necessary for them to do so. Showing that the law applies only to those groups with the collective wealth to legally access law.

Something that people who live under theocratic rule cannot ever do – change their social station and economic class.


Now, there have had to be spelled out into Western Secular law, across the nations that fall under that header from last century:

women to be able to vote, have career paths and be in charge of their financial and reproductive self.

former “legal” slaves to be free citizens, with the ability to vote, have career paths and be in charge of their financial and reproductive self.

Whatever the law says, society lags at the least possible compliance with law, which is why, once achieving the legal inclusion, vigilance is continuously required – to have to assert, rather than receive – shows that even spelled out. rights remain a fiction.

This century, individual adults have also gained the legal right to become a couple with another consenting adult of their choice.


so… when does the employment and participation correction happen?


we’re here, we’re queer, we’re proud of it, get used to it





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