University Thoughts

I completed high school and went to college, university, I took a year off and did a technical school.

The idea of being a perpetual lifetime student was before I understood Academia vs Real World vs Work World.

if I want to learn about a subject, there’s information in printed form or online.

Learning for it’s own sake, for the pleasure – rather than for an application, skills development, running a procedure.

but research that is combining things and making new determinations or correcting and updating already existing work towards best practices.

words are meaningless to me vaugery dressed up as jargon, fauxpertise.

that disconnect between what is offered vs needed, theory vs practise


UBC chair John Montalbano resigns after report finds … – CBC…/ubcchair-john-montalbano-resigns-after-report-finds-acade…

Oct 15, 2015 – The chair of UBC’s board of governors John Montalbano has resigned in the wake of a report which found the university failed to protect a professor’s academic freedom. … The chair of UBC’s Board of Governors has resigned following the release of a report that found the university …

Giller prize-nominated author Steven Galloway has been suspended with pay from his post …



Yale University Students In Uproar Over Halloween Costumes…/yale-university-students-in-uproar-over-halloween…
Nov 9, 2015 – Yale University has found itself embroiled in controversy over one of the most pressing issues of our time: Halloween costumes.

University of Louisville President and Staff Wear Stereotypical…/university-of-louisville-president-and-staff-wear-stereot…

Oct 31, 2015 – As the president of a university currently in the middle of a scandal in the … Frankly, I would expect more creativity in costume selection.

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