Lavender Licks: Lesbian Chic


Canada’s cowpunk kd lang dueted with Classic Rocker Roy Orbison.


lang’s career highlights include a Headline Performance at 2 Canadian Olympics – once when it was in Calagary, Alberta – her home province, and other other in Vancouver BC, as a Canadian Performer A Lister.

There aren’t any action figures of lesbian singers, but kd also has a action figure potential – Cowpunk Rocker to Blues Crooner.


kd lang was the first out lesbian and Melissa Etheridge followed:


1990s and Lesbian Chic was getting it’s 15 mins – Following kd and Melissa – Ellen Degenres and a blur of magazine covers from A List Celebs being featured in queer media – The Advocate, Curve, Girlfriends magazines and fledgling specialty satellite channels.


There were certainly lesbians and bisexual women in music – Billy Tipton was a Jazz Era performer who passed.

Phranc, The Indigo Girls, Two Nice Girls, Tribe 8, Femme 2 Femme, Billie Holiday, Sarah and Teagan, some of  The Go-Go’s… but social eras limit the participation of individuals and cultures become subversive.

Insider outsider audiences of who’s in the know, decoding lyrics…Michelle Shocked and Ani DeFranco… you played the community and sold us out. refund.



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