Dear Students Questioning Atheists

Dear Students – asking questions is a very good thing, but it’s just step one.

Turn your own questions around, change out god for science and ask yourself why are you rejecting something which is techno-evidently around you and arises entirely from human activity.

Second, ask those same questions to those who are your personal authorities for said god.

See how different the answers are – compare and contrast.

This is how to develop critical thinking skills, which critical does not mean crisis – it means core value – it means judgement, measurement, analysis and assessment.

Reasoning and logic, which includes higher math – statistics and probability.

But, it also means experience and understanding the processes. Which is the student part of learning – how to research and gather data – how to model it and contextualize it to understand it – but more than that, to be able to prepared predicative models.

It means the development of personal ethics and morals and intellectual rigor.

There is zero academic standards in religion. they are an unethical business model that preys on those who pray and their offspring.

Religion is money for nothing and your altar boys for free.

Is that offensive? Good, because it means you recognize it’s true – that burns, but not as much as stupid, which starts with books and ends with people.



Religion seems little more than a Bully Toadie culture of impossible rules you are expected to fail and are thus always seeking permission, rewards, forgiveness and abasement. It is little wonder why so many interpersonal relationships are abusive, when THAT is what people consider loving.

It is not difficult to be good and it is confusing why religion holds such sway over people minds and bodies.

There is enough “stuff” for everyone, there is no reason to kill or steal – we need a better social distribution and inclusion system and it’s people putting their religion over themselves and others that is preventing that.

I am not an optimist Utopianist. I am a misanthrope, I don’t anthropomorphize homo sapiens anymore (and there are no subspecies – just sub-cultures).

Also, when you ask questions, you often learn that your measurables are incorrect.

The branch of science that disproves God is not biology, it is Anthropology, which is a combinations of history, sociology and archaeology – which biology, chemistry, geology all supports, and math and physics.

There are no religious texts that form the basis of science nor laws in a democratic society.

Science Methodology is robust and designed to weed out the bad science.

But this is where people have to take responsibility and just say no to religion and woo nonsense, it’s costing people lives and money, and it’s a waste of global productivity. and it’s sociopathic for wealth to be hoarded by religions or individual CEOs.

so people not profits for prophets – and like Kings and Pharohs, who are mortal, so too are Religious Leaders and CEOs

work life balance means work supports you having a life

devote your life to something worthy and real and is for every others

Environmentalism – protect the only planet we know has life and we know there’s over 1,000 exoplanets out there, named and labeled.

There is just so much out that that you can know, don’t be in a hurry to “get to the afterlife” and especially, not to send others there.

because no  one actually can know about that, so don’t worry, it’s all part of nature – IDIC – infinite diversity infinite combinations

but don’t be humancentric or worst a demographic.

Godbots, Glandbots and Brainbots.


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