Questions For Atheists From A College Student

Godless Mom’s original blog post with the questions.


1. Why are you an atheist?

2. Have you ever believed in a Higher Power?

3. If so, Did something traumatic happen to make you stop believing?

4. If not, why did you stop believing?

5. What do you think happens to us when we die?

6. Without believing in a Higher Power, where do you think we get our morals from?

7. Where do you think the universe came from?

8. What’s your views on Dawkins, Harris, and Hitchens?

9. Do you consider yourself a weak atheist or a strong atheist?

10. How can you prove that God doesn’t exist?

11. Do you believe in miracles?

12. Do you have a support group/system?

13. Do you try to get others not to believe?

14. Do others tend to view you differently when they discover you’re an atheist?

15. Do people tend to try to convince you that your views are wrong?

16. How does your family view your beliefs? Are they supportive?

17. What are your views on Madalyn O’Hair?


Okay, these are the questions posed and from a quick review, they certainly not honestly asked or intended questions.

#1 – 4: no religion makes any sense of the world, so living according to any of them makes little sense when they do not teach one how to work or play well with others, nor provide any meaning for living in a techno multicultural world.

5 – we die, so the same as before we were born.

6  – cultural standards determine community values while the spectrum of individual morals and ethics will range from better, same to worse than community. Individual ethics vary with experience of the community

7 – the origin of the universe is best understood through physics, a branch of science, which is the study of nature. It provides actual answers rather than deadend, meaningless & not an explanation: “goddidit”

8 Views on Dawkins, Harris, and Hitchens is a nonsensical question, they are not required reading for atheism. This question suggests opening the door on “manners”, which again, when religionists open with non-members go to hell …Further, given that the questioner won’t be familiar, responding with an entire post on each would be insufficient.

9 a weak atheist or a strong atheist – another meaningless question that seems more about how persuadable one is – Weak or strong’s not like offering a beverage.

10 the burden of proof is on the claimant for a god, not the other way around – see question 1 through 4 response. Extraordinary Claims require extraordinary proof, which so far, no religion has produced.

11  Miracles like images in grilled bread product? Miracles would be phenomenon that has no explanation, and there is nothing that fits that description. What is claimed – statues that leak are all shown to be hoaxes. Honestly, it’s embarrassing.

12 I am agoraphobic because of other people’s religion, so no. I have no community support system.

13. yes. I don’t want to live in a society with mass ignorance and society isn’t sustainable with religion. Religion is incompatible with the idea of equality or sustainability. Religions are Pyramid/Ponzie Scheme if they recruit or something you have to be born into to be a member. so another way to see that it’s just culture.

14 Yes. see #12.

15. Yes, see #14 and this list of questions, although it is vaguely informative to know what religious people think is real issues, to explain why they are not.

16 Family is where I learned how to understand the world and community, so the question assumption/bias that an atheist is somehow not a part of a family, extended family, with friends and work network, is the core of how religion has taken over the public square and isolates people, offering fake communities in return for compliance.

17 Like many people, she started out with a good cause and then she got greedy – however, the glee in which American Christian revel in the circumstances of her death say more about themselves than her or any atheists.


frankly, I want to know why the religious so adore atheist Ayn Rand, who is not embraced at all by the atheist, skeptic, free thinker community. Greed is not good.


even when they claim to be neutral, it’s all about trying to find an emotional wedge issue and create a false sense of degrees.

you can’t be a little bit pregnant, but being “spiritual” lets one be a little bit religious.

divide and conquer… it is the moderates that permit the extremist to exist.

Religions: All for One, One for All

There is One Religion with a Grain of Evidence

ReligionWatch: All or None










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