From Pi in QM to Mountains Microplated


I miss the “I fucking love Science” meme feed from facebook.

Discovery Of Pi In Quantum Mechanics A ‘Cunning Piece Of Magic’ :

Two University of Rochester scientists have found it lurking in a quantum mechanics formula for the energy states of the hydrogen atom.

“We found the classic 17th century Wallis formula for pi, making us the first to derive it from physics, in general, and quantum mechanics, in particular,” said Tamar Friedmann, a visiting assistant professor of mathematics and a research associate of high energy physics, and co-author of a paper published this week in the Journal of Mathematical Physics.

Microplate Discovery Dates Birth Of Himalayas:

Reported in Earth and Planetary Science Letters, the team of Australian and US scientists believe the collision occurred 47 million years ago when India and Eurasia initially smashed into each other.

The authors, comprising Professor Dietmar Müller and Dr Kara Matthews from the University of Sydney and Professor David Sandwell from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, have named the ancient Indian microplate the Mammerickx Microplate, after Dr Jacqueline Mammerickx, a pioneer in seafloor mapping.

Jacqueline Mammerickx Oral History – The Library – UC San …

May 15, 2006 – Jacqueline Mammerickx (Winterer) was interviewed in her home in Del Mar, … institution as her husband, Dr. Edward L. Winterer, and how their …

Feb 4, 2015 – Continental drift was a theory that explained how continents shift position on … ideas, such as the past existence of a supercontinent joining all the world’sPlate tectonics animations: Watch the continents drift to their present …


It’s funny, this is an area where science really shows it’s strength and vigour as a framework to understand the world.

Before 1963, Continental Drift was the best explanation that we had for why the continents fit together jigsaw puzzleishly.

Then, the magnetic orientation of iron in the seafloor was detected and understood.

The information we had was balanced with the new data we had and the implications and our understanding got a lot better and other phenomenon – volcano/earthquakes and tsunami relationships, ocean quakes with ocean currents and atmospherics – earth sciences – biosphere management.

Global Plate Tectonics – the science of the crust and magma systems – density, temperature, texture – flexible or rigidity.

we just found out that the earth has plasma tubes…..

Plasma Tube Earth

Australian student confirms that giant plasma tubes are …

Australian student confirms that giant plasma tubes are floating above Earth. This is big. CHRIS PASH, BUSINESS INSIDER. 2 JUN 2015. Facebook Icon.

earth and moon gravity well Gravity-well_large

Earth: It’s Bipolar and OverDue

The early earth sciences sort of got behind the Continental Drift Theory – after all, the continents did seem to form a jigsaw puzzle. In the mid 1960 Current Era, the science of magnetic resonance discovered that the ocean floor … Continue reading

v42n2-mativey3en_5727 geomagnetic-field-orig_full

Earth: scope and scale

2004 the December 26 tsunami made the earth wobble.   I said no way to the first person who told me, my brain could not fathom that   earth, as huge as it is, fixed in the solar system   … Continue reading

emergency_preparedness2 Natural_Disasters

Disaster Management Is a Science

Emergency Preparedness  – Knowing what can happen and the conditions Contingency Planning, business resumption and recovery – detection and prevention   Justin Trudeau makes emotional return to BC lake where his…/justin-trudeau-makes-emotional-return-to-b-c-l… Jul 23, 2013 – Michel Trudeau, 23, was … Continue reading


Science: Multi-Disiplanetary Big Light Show Bang Theory

Music of the Spheres, tune into my frequency wave; let there be light! Earth, our home, it’s magnetosphere, gravitional placement, spinning and orbiting in concert with our planetary siblings, in the grand orbital plane until there is light, there is … Continue reading


From Our Solar System to Another?

Okay – there are a lot of exoplanets out there and we have now discovered one that appears to be human type life supporting. But, let’s just remember that The Earth, not only is our home, it is the only … Continue reading

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