Religious Harm: the Modern Era

Often when debating Godbots, people go to the standbys The European Witch Hunts, The Spanish Inquisition and the American Witch Hunts. These are dated and allow teh Godbots to take that “that was then and this is now” whitewashing.

Harms from 1900s forward:

Impeded Public Education (Scopes Trial, and continued attempts to make religion sound scientific) and wasted money on courtrooms instead of in classrooms.

Impeded Social Progress towards equality – religion resisted the end of slavery, women voting and participating in the workforce, social equality marriage of peoples with differing ethnicity, religions and sexuality.

Impeded Medical research and treatment – abortion, stem cells.

Hoards wealth and property, with little positive social contribution in return – if churches paid taxes, we could eliminate personal income tax.

Religious censorship of the arts and loss of cultural diversity towards mono-culture.

Religion is a primary motivator of genocides and where rigid social caste systems are authoritarian justified. see also: worshiping authority


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