ReligionWatch: Mormon Church and Exit Process

As David Badash reports over in The New Civil Rights Movement, thousands of souls are set to leave the church on Saturday as part of a mass resignation in Salt Lake City. Because leaving the LDS requires certain legal proceedings, Utah attorney Mark Naugle has volunteered to help with the paperwork; notary publics will also be in attendance.

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You can’t just stop going to church? hmmm. Scientology is not only your church, but your bank… so .. this is rather more curious than the magic underwear. (<—see why mocking occurs?)

Religious control over one’s life, measured in degree of freedom of association and freedom of motion in the community, is what people distinguish between “religion” and “cult”.

Religion’s outlet stores, known as “churches” or “temples” are finding that fewer people are qualified to be members. In the marketplace of ideas, it’s the big tent come one come all that draws crowds.

Religions perform best in nations with a rigid class system and high levels of poverty combined with low levels of education.

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The Mormon Church was a  third testament in ‘Murica to void the no adultery rule.

Originally, the Indigenous People in America were deemed to be Satan Spawn and Africans were offspring of Cain. There was a three wife minimum to attain heaven.

The multiple wives where dropped so that Utah could be a State within the American Republic, but there are three communities which continue the original values, 1 in British Columbia Canada, 1 in Texas and 1 in Colorado.

In the 1970s, the anti-African ethnicity was dropped and in the 2010, the Mormon Church is under fire for illegally funding from out of state in the California Prop 8 termination of equality – and in California, black voters were one of the main groups who ended equality and became The Man.

Queers are the New Blacks and Atheists are the New Queers

and the who’s next scapegoating continues….

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