Brains: Use Them Or Loose Them

The human brain is the most sophisticated computer and it’s entirely manufactured by unskilled labour. Brains vary in capacity, largely owing to environmental and education factors. And Personalities vary depending on the environment’s optimal functioning.

the ability to understand and conduct one’s self is partly social conditioning and one’s place in society – the alignment of one’s perception and the reality – as affirmed by others.

Socially Capable.

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Being socially capable is largely dependent on one’s ability to interact positively and productively with others.

Something that people who put their religion above other people are not capable of doing.

the ability to make moral and ethical decisions is not mystical and it does not require supernatural oversight administered by other people.

Clinging to previous civilizations models is an obvious error, those civs disappeared.


People have more information than ever before about  the world and that so many choose to be ignorant is appalling.

Science is the study of nature and all supernatural claims are of little interest to “science” – other than the soft science of Psychiatry (more art really), Psychology (statistical modelling and behavioural sciences) and into the more substantive anthropology and history – as a cultural product and means of mass social control.

religion is someone’s claims that gained power via membership attained by brutality, the word that instructs in sword use, is not valid words, as they are against none members.

so it becomes clear – religion is a virus that causes sociopathy and delusions. it diminishes humans and human achievements while using said technology to spread it’s Cognitive Dissonance and celebration of the lowest common denominator.

tumblr_losxow0Occ1qbq86qo1_500 terror

Godbot: where do you get your morals from?

Nina: my Canadian culture that I was raised in, same as everyone else: the culture that dominates their geographic region.

Godbot: what stops you from killing, raping and stealing?

Nina: that I have no interest in doing those things and cannot justify doing them. Frankly, I am worried that only your belief in the punishment and reward of your god is all that is stopping you and given that, that you believe you are in any position to question someone’s values when your own are so evidently lacking in value.

Kindly do not assume that everyone is a crappy and terrible as you are, which is really the source of your inability to understand, you only listen to your own assumptions and not what you are told. religion stunts curiosity, and claims to be an answer that may not be questioned, while science is a question, with probability. something bipolar, black n white, either or and zero sum circle jerkers cannot fathom.

religion makes people be okay with suffering as long as it’s not them and it’s someone they are taught to not like and thus “deserve it.” in this life or a past life. it’s all a lack of compassion and empathy, which is only triggered by conformity.

it is why the conservative traditionalists are the status quo to be overcome and why they are consigned to the wrong side of history – and results in compensation for marginalized groups later.

equality is better, more cost effective and doesn’t cost us people who advance society.

we need to stop catering to delusions and coddling people – we need to free their brains and educate their minds.

frankly, given the genocidal history of religion, members should be glad we’re humanists and mocking and laughing is the worst they get. Je Suis Charlie

Penn Jillette

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