Cougar Killed in New Westminster Halloween Night

The New Westminster Police Department wouldn’t confirm reports that the big cat was shot …

Instead of using tranquilizers, the New Westminster Police – A Municipal Department – played Big Game Hunter and killed a cougar.

That explains some of the more gun sounding what I was hoping was fireworks last night.

Gun shots, echoing sounds, crossing the Fraser River and echoing out to the Upper Fraser Valley – where all the commuter smog winds up.

I remember that there was one killed in the 1970s, it was gunned down on the Labatt’s Brewry site that operated back then. It shut down in 2003.

So this one makes the third or fourth cougar in New Westminister.

I think there was a few in Coquitlam and one in Burnaby.

In Vancouver, there’s coyotes, and over on the North Shore – black bears.

So it’s not like wildlife is unexpected. We need to do better.


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