Mr Harper – I had a house

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My parents become home owners when I was in high school.

I became a home owner, as a government employee, but some one else lives in the house I put a 40 year roof on, new gutters, double glazed argon windows, steel doors, new fence all around and a lot of yardwork.

The house upgrades were done under the Liberals Energuide Program, which was an effective program that Mr Harper’s conservatives cancelled and failed to duplicate with their own watered down version.

I understand that the front side the garden has been removed and is now a double wide driveway

I had a house.

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Mr Harper, who campaigned against equality for all canadians, became the PM….

I don’t have a house anymore. I am agoraphobic and houseless… divorced.

I am scared to post this, but I think I can. truth is supposed to be an absolute defense, eh?

An Evergreen…

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