Xena-Philia 2: Immortal Be-loathed

Velasca…. it actually bothered me that none of the amazons sided with her, she did have a following and it would have made more sense for them to worship her than side with Xena. but that would have been a very different show.

Valet of the UltraVixens

[Contains fake wooden throwing thingies and SPOILERS!!!]

Renée O'Connor as ‘Gabrielle’ and Lucy Lawless as ‘Xena’ in “Xena: Warrior Princess” (S2)The second season of Xena: Warrior Princess (1996) boasted two significant (but temporary) character deaths… the first came at the end of ep #2.5, when a callous ‘Xena’ (Lucy Lawless) left a defeated ‘Callisto’ (Hudson Leick) to sink into a sucky quicksand pit, while she watched on and silently judged her nemesis. Boo! Thankfully, Callisto continued wreaking havoc from the wrong side of the grave with the aid of ‘Ares’ (Kevin Smith), who helped her to hijack Xena’s body via her dreams (ep #2.7)! All Callisto had to do to make the switch permanent was lay low for a couple days, to ensure that the real Xena was trapped in Tartarus (and Callisto’s body) for eternity… but the obsessive psychopath couldn’t resist taunting her foe by scheming to murder Xena’s mother (along with the rest of her home village)…

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