Shaggy Dogs and Cat Tails

Incredible Journey That_Darn_Cat_-_1965_PosterNina and Alexander

Dogs and Cats… n kid stories…. kids and their animal companions.

agoraphobic philosopher happy childhood Nina and Anna

Cat Query

So if you trap the cat between the outside door and the screen door – are they both in and out of the house at the same time?

Nina schoolhouse rock 1 red Nina schoolhouse rock 2 blue

Nina and the Brothers Grimm Nina and Hans Christian Andersen

BC Wolves get Celebrity Advocates

BC Premiere Christy Clark is not having a fun celebrity time as her predecessors. BC’s own Pamela Anderson and American Miley Cyrus have hashtagged against the Wolf Cull. “Stick to Twerking” Clark tried to be clever and out-grown up the … Continue reading

Nina Mad Monster Party Nina 2013

Book Review: Blake Synder’s Cat Screenplay Series

  They are an essential set of books, for for me, had ramifications far beyond merely putting a story together. The logical and essential roll up conclusion to the Syd Field Method. Dion 1996 to 2011 RIP: Celine (1996-2013)

Nina and From Earth to the moon Nina and Dune 3

ElvisWorld: Hound Dogs

Steve Allen did not like getting hammered in the ratings by Milton Berle twice with Elvis as the guest. Steve Allen was an urbane northern big city wit and closet gay in the 50s. He had Elvis just once and … Continue reading

Nina and her microscope Nina with Plush Microbes

Shaggy Dog Tails

Book Review – Recovery Process Spotlight I always wanted a German Shepard. They always seemed like the smartest dogs. Until I met a bunch of them. LOL. Anyway, I had a malemute as a kid. so I read that book … Continue reading

423156 18490115._UY200_ 9780590409186

On Being Bipetual

Dogs are perpetual toddlers. Cats are perpetual teenagers.   see also RIP: Celine (1996-2013) Dion 1996 to 2011 Giving Your Dog Pills How to actually pill the cat   Nick & Nora, my goldens from 2004 to 2013, when I gave up custody … Continue reading


Bipetual Pet Pilling

In my experience, trying to give a pill to a cat – is challenging at best and bleeding at worst. Avoid pilling your cat by keeping it an indoors cat – and the easiest way to keep your cat happy … Continue reading

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