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Once there was media, we consumed it. Then, there was the internet, now it consumes us.

The purpose of news, like anything, is to get eyeballs on advertising.

In the news game, if it bleeds, it leads. News is a ratings game. Let’s not pretend.

News used to be local, regional, national – international – but now, think global act local, it is all one layer.


hard news, breaking news, action news then there is the puff filler pieces.

these are the stories that try people – try to take a break from badness – some community group doing something, a kid championing an issue or cute pet photos.

how fast before someone can say how they appreciate the moment, before another person posts links to horrid events and demands to know how others people consider fluff stories as news.

like what is wrong with you?

can’t you see people need a change of pace, a breather, something to make them want to keep breathing.

focussing on all the bloody and grim news isn’t good for anyone and lowering news consumption is one of the first things to reduce stress and anxiety

to gain a sense of , yes the world has dangers, but it’s not all bad, except that it is

and even the bad news is a distraction to create apathy, indifference and even acceptance

which is why traditionalist conservatives are always on the wrong side of history, and they are the status quo to overcome for change.

information overload, leads to paralyzed and overwhelmed brain

all one can do sometimes is turn the page, or scroll or just… turn if off

most of what is news is just noise, repetition, history culminates in current events

it’s why we need to do something different than we’ve done before

Citytv reporter does great takedown of vulgar dudes – blogTO


May 12, 2015 – A short video clip from Citytv reporter Shauna Hunt has generated tons of buzz since it was posted on Twitter last night. In it, Hunt challenges an …


it is astonishing the level of social behavior that has to be explained to people

sometimes I really wonder how we became the dominate species

or why we ever got the idea we differed from other animals

234e3554fefff1881c98faf0272d4768 war_is_for_kids

we could be better, we just apparently choose not to be. other animals protect their young


what good is news if we never learn from it?


the human population has doubled in my 47 years – and 20 years is a “generation”

so I guess the survival instinct has gotten pretty thin when a species increases from packs and prides into herds…. and swarms …thinkers drones and workers….

CSUN students perform the 'My Angry Vagina' monologue Friday evening, part of Eve Ensler's 'The Vagina Monologues' production that took place in the Plaza del Sol Performance Hall. Photo Credit: Hannah Pedraza / Photo Editor

CSUN students perform the ‘My Angry Vagina’ monologue Friday evening, part of Eve Ensler’s ‘The Vagina Monologues’ production that took place in the Plaza del Sol Performance Hall. Photo Credit: Hannah Pedraza / Photo Editor

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