Big Pharma vs Patient Care

… jack up the price of an important AIDS-related drug called Daraprim from $13.50 per tablet …

drug-patent-system-killing-patients Generic-vs-brand-drugs_hib
Research and Development creates medications. Drug companies are able to exploit their chemical formulations for a period of time, and then the copyright, patent, ownership runs out and other companies get to make the drugs generic.
usually the only actual difference between a brand and a generic is the colouring.
Drug Companies are part of the medical system and they make competing products for general symptoms and they usually specialize for rarer illnesses and diseases and this is where a lot of the costs arise.
so the cost of a drug is a formula of how big the market for it is.
Drug companies need to be more regulated like insurance companies – they get a part of the lucrative market but their corporate citizenship is in the less profitable drugs, but no less valuable people.
now, the other problem is drugs not being made to formulation and people getting drugs that do not work or cause harm.

India Must Fix Its Drug Quality Problem – Forbes…/2014/…/india-must-fix-its-drug-quality-proble…

Sep 17, 2014 – Some Indian Generic Drug Companies Are Selling Shoddy, … court in May 2013 and paid out over half a billion dollars in fines and settlements.

 bottles1 Cough_Candy_Twists
Then, there is the over the counter, no doctor needed – chose your self medicated level.
halls-defense-cough-drops-300x221 lozsampler_LRG
then there’s the candy medicine, medical candy…..dry out your mucus membranes or expectorate them
Most of it is just to knock you out to sleep through the worst of it, or boost energy with sugar, which is also tiring
the prevention and the symptom management – a fizzy drink helps the tummy, a lemony honey hot drink helps the throat.
buy drugs, make different drugs… over the counter, under the counter, regulatory frameworks lag behind legislation
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