Climate Changed: Hurricane Patricia


the biggest storm since record keeping began is making landfall in Mexico.

The airports and roads have been closed after the tourists left.. most of them, apparently there’s some 2,000 Canadians (canada content to justify talking about a story from outside our borders) Left Behinds. Stuck there, eh.

This storm has sucked up a lot of energy from the warmest El Nino current in the water, so this is Perfect Storm conditions. Now, we wait to see how Mexico’s building codes and government regulation is.

Recent other major disasters – Hurricane Sandy on the North American east coast – America’s New York region took the brunt of it. The USA south has still not recovered from Katrina.

China recovered from the 2007 quake, which revealed their middle class to the world and started the easement to the ceasing of the One Child Policy. the government moved in immediately to restore structures and road access – and the population experienced a wave of philanthropy.

The important thing for Canada and the east coast to remember, is that the last time there was a warmer than usual El Nino Current and a bad hurriane season in Mexico was that back east Ice Storm that knocked out a 1/4 of the power grid in Canada and into the USA.

Demonstrating the need for more back up systems, and more network connections, instead of single lines that fail. More concerning is the damage and loss of parts that take a long time to obtain mass replacement.

Seriously there was a reason Tesla was doing wireless power.

Anyway Hurricane Patricia in the immediate focus – Mexico.

Atmospheric turbulence turbo combined with hot high wavey water, irresistible forces meeting moveable or immobilized objects… adjective objects….


What happens when an unstoppable force meets an unmovable object?

There are two possibilities – the force hits the object and bounces back – and depending on the shape of the object, the force will either continue to smash into the object until it is reduced to rubble and the force can continue unimpeded or until the face of the object is altered so as to deflect the force’s movement to impact other spots until the force is re-directed around the object.

Either way, the object is what suffers from the encounter, either by being reduced to rubble or having it’s shape altered so that the force is deflected around it.

The force’s path may change, but the unstoppable characteristic is unchanged.


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