ElvisWorld: Making a Movie Short – Pied Piper of Cleveland

Give us this October 20, Our Daily Elvis


Gladys and Vernon Presley signed a telegram provided by Tom Diskin granting Colonel Parker “sole and exclusive” representation of their son. While Elvis did two shows on this day.
First he appeared at the Brooklyn High School Auditorium, Cleveland at 1.30 p.m. This show was put together by Bill Randle, the DJ from of Cleveland. According to Randle there was made a film of this appearance but the footage has never been located.

The second gig that day was at St. Michael’s Hall, Cleveland at 8.00 p.m. Again hosted by Randle and according to him the show was a real success. Elvis broke the strings of his guitar and even smashed it on the floor, while the audience went wild. There was even police assistance to get Elvis out of the hall.



1950s radio personality Bill Randle was in competition with other radio personalities like Alan Freed. (the DJ era ended with the payola scandal – Enter: Program Directors, Music Playlist Services, the end of local talent in regions to national to international monoculture)

Randle introduces Elvis on the Dorsey Brothers and compares Elvis to Johnny Ray (rockers vs crooners – gimme a break pfft eh), but he mentions that the first time HE met Elvis was making a movie short – a Day in the Life of a Disc Jockey aka The Pied Piper of Cleveland.

So. There are 2 potential sources to see Elvis Presley pwn Pat Boone’s stage – with Boone on the national  charts and Elvis only in the regional ones. In professional film stock – probably 16mm not 35.

  1. Bill Randle (estate) or someone else in the production of the short.
  2. Cleveland TV – it was apparently broadcast – which means, there might be the 1 inch tape run during controversial broadcast in cast of regulatory complaints – and either recorded over or archived.


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