Cult Classics: RHPS vs Phantom of the Paradise

RHPS – Rocky Horror Picture Show wins by virtue of being recognizable by it’s acronym.

remembering to not take things too seriously or as they seem

Both have a 1950’s style rock n roll soundtrack as a backbone.

Brad and Janet stumble into a Castle (cue decadence) where a trio of aliens have overstayed their mission.

Phantom of the Paradise is Faust with a rock n roll beat.

91bgeEUOhCL._SL1500_ phantom-of-paradise

A night club leaps from 50s dowop to 70sglamglitter, a composer, a girl singer and Death Records.

phantom-of-the-paradise-original Phantom-of-the-Paradise-phantom-of-the-paradise-25427852-500-321

RHPS: 15thversay Box Set Comparison

When the 15th anniversary of the Rocky Horror Picture Show hit, two different box sets were released in Canada and the US. So, let’s see how they were different:   The American Box Set   a three title set of … Continue reading

51PQJMJTWDL._AC_UL320_SR242,320_ RHPS 15th set CND 4 discs

Rocky Horror Picture Show 40th Anniversary!

Looks like I am gonna be getting another box set! lol When RHPS was released on VHS, the VHS cassette tape that lifted up so the tape could be read by the machine was coloured red. ET The Extra Terrestrial’s … Continue reading

28872721 life-of-fandom-in-a-nutshell_o_2961767

Cult Movies: Somewhere In Time

Somewhere in Time is THE romance movie for utterly hopeless romantics. Jane Seymour off of the movies and tv show Battlestar Galactica and Christopher Reeve – Superman. Well, he’s a Playwright who travels back in time a century for the … Continue reading

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