Deconverting Christians 201

There are 2 documentaries that should greatly disturb everyone about religion, but Christianity in particular.

39.Salesman-cr-Maysles2 Maysel Brothers - Salesman thumbnailImage

From the 1960s, Salesman – a group of men work a sales territory to sell Bibles and the revealed sales pitches and pressure tactics is … an excellent how to guide on manipulating people to buying something they don’t need.

In fact, to sell them something that the flock was never meant to have access to.

otherwise, they’d read it and learn what a mishmash it is. Essays, propaganda, poetry, sex and violence. written by a committee, several in fact.

Jesus Camp jesus-camp

Jesus Camp is the more recent documentary and it focused on the abuse of children within the Christian communities.


Becky Fischer in JESUS CAMP, a Magnolia Pictures – is the features children’s minister and her speech about teaching small children the use and maintenance of AK-47 machine guns was beyond terrifying.

Much was made of the young boy Levi who wanted to become a minister – and there’s an amazing scene with Ted Haggard before his Male Hooker and Drug scandal, telling Levi that he was really cute and could get away with no content for years on that alone. Confusing the child who thinks they are selling a real product, but not any adult watching.

That minister is a job is often too lost on people and it’s a way to have one without any real skills. that is why religion has become the thing that it is – it’s a way for people to make money without physical labour or real mental exertion.

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